Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We teach life, sir~

First tears welled up the corners of my eyes,

But after listening to this over and over again,

I cried

It's amazing how an individual can grow so strong despite the traumatic past she's been through..

listens to her words carefully..Here are some of the highlights that aches my heart..

'i wish i coud wail over their body, i wish i could run barefoot to every refugee and hold every child cover their ears so they wouldn't have to hear the sound of bombing for the rest of their lives the way i do'.

'no matter how good my English gets, no sound-bite , no sound-bite , no sound-bite , no sound-bite will bring them back to life, no sound-bite , will fix this, we teach life , sir we teach life , sir, we -palestinians- wake up every morning to teach rest of the world life , sir' . ..outstanding n spellbinding..I am captivated by this woman~ *nak nangis rase*..take ur time to listen to this~

Back in States I remember being placed in the same class with a lovely Bosnian girl. Back then I never understood why she always cries and ducked under the desk everytime she hears a loud thud..Being kids I remember people make fun of her..I didn't instead I felt sorry for her.We went to the same English class together and I still remember how her beautiful hazel eyes were always welled up with tears..As I gradually grow older I, gradually understood and finally understand the thing she went through and why she acted the way she did..I never see her again after I left States..isk~

May Allah bless her soul and protect her no matter she goes.

*td da mkn MARS =) *

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