Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I have no idea on how to put the things that I am mad about into words..I really have no idea. But I've been holding this in for so long a I feel the need to voice this out.I am truly am mad and pissed. How many times have I told my dear readers to never ever judge a person. I've told you so so many times not to do this. We are mere human and we don't know everything as the rightful one to judge is Allah alone as He is the Almighty and only He alone knows what is hidden, past and future. So why do I still see people doing exactly that?

When it comes to and issue of discussing a women's aurah *amboi bukan kemain la (sinsing lengan baju)*..

I truly understand the good intentions of the person when they brought up the issue..I respected those who has brought up the issue and discussing it in a respectable and kind manner. I wish to thank you for that. For every single advice, noted and we will do our best to observe and improve whatever we need to improve InsyaAllah.

But what I am here to discuss is about this one group of people who irks me and makes my hair stand on its end due to anger. Anger is the feeling I truly hate but I can't help to express it due to the existence of these kind of people.

Tell me whether your way of spreading dakwah is truly the right way?

1) You collected women pictures from the internet, facebook, twitter and any other social sites and I bet you didn't get their permission in the first place anyway.

2) You blurred certain parts of their faces for the sake trying to protect these women from shame (aib).Konon2 la.You already violated their rights in the first place by taking their pictures without any permission.

3) You dared to label the way their tudung with discouraging names.*kalau la aku ni x pakai lagi tudung, aku pun xnank pkai tudung tgk post2 ni*

4) And for every word that they wrote/utter, I can feel that they feel no shame doing it and even feel prouder and arrogant by thinking that you did the right thing.

Well I can tell you one thing hunny, be prepare to testify when you stand before Him in akhirah as you have opened someone's aib and Allah the Almighty and Just will be fully prepared to expose your aib in return.

We should say Alhamdulillah when we see our fellow sisters has taken a big step to cover they're aurah. Be it even if it begins by starting wearing longer pants or more appropriate clothes.

Be it if she start wearing shawls to cover only a part of the hair. Every single thing in life has it's own beginning.Every single thing matters. So why belittle their effort.

When someone has decided to do so, give her time to adapt, when after sometime only then you go up to her to present to her on what is more afdal.

Rather thank labelling a tudung with names like alien, bukit la, nasi lemak la..It's very discouraging and these are the things that discourages our fellow sisters to become a better muslimah.

When a fellow sister is taking that big step in changing into better, we should make them feel more welcome not otherwise.

This is taken from Our beloved sister Wardina status.Welcoming a sister that decided to wear hijab for the very first time =)

I am welcoming our new sister who dared to make the change and put on her Hijab! Sis Aiza... My dua's are with you. Inilah dia sister yg 'dipertikaikan' tempoh hari sewaktu saya paste gambar majlis dan kebetulan ternampak dia dan seorang rakan yang belum memakai hijab. And she did! Thats why I say, "never judge!" Her tweet: "meeting u & e ladies @ YMP OC was life changing" She attended the Open Circle with Young Muslims Project and me :)

I am so happy. It's to Allah we say Alhamdulillah, because everything happens only with His will, and it is He who touches our hearts! Kepada semua di luar sana, jangan berhenti memberi inspirasi. Teringat kata Imam Suhaib Webb, "manusia yg paling baik adalah mereka yang memberi inspirasi untuk melakukan kebaikan" Kenapa Muh Ali dikatakan Muslim yg paling berpanguruh? Kerana dia "inspire people",kerana dia "memberi inspirasi" Tidak! Tidak perlu jadi Ustaz atau Ustazah atau ilmuwan terbilang. Mari berikan Sis Aiza kata perangsang dan sokongan! Moga Hijab kita di kepala juga di hati dengan solat yang konsisten, merendahkan diri dihadapan Illahi... LOVE being a Muslim to the Max! - GAMBAR terpaksa didelete kerana KOMEN TIDAK menyenangkan dari sesetangah dari kita...**orang nak buat baik boleh bagi galakkan tak????Manalah orng tak lari dari Islam kalau komen sangat tidak membantu?

Emphasizing/highlighting some key words 'Never Judge'.

We should be more positive rather than negative. If I have the time I will provide a few links that pisses me off.

Lets make a change. Let me share one of my habits, I like looking and browsing thru videos of talks, discussion that has been posted in facebook but what usually turn me off , are these pendakwah2 who uses harsh words. I know for some people they don't mind but I don't favour these things that much as I have always believe that Allah loves pretty things and pretty words.So sometimes we should consider the words that we utter. Even our beloved Prophet Rasullullah saw (pbuh) are also known for his good akhlaq and kind words. =)

And before I end let me share a dua with you:

Ya Allah, jadikanlah aku lebih baik daripada apa yang mereka sangka dan janganlah di ambil kira dengan apa mereka kata terhadapku, dan ampunkan apa yang mereka tidak tahu.

Ya Allah, please make me better than what they expected of me and never to pay attention or care on their words about me and forgive them for things they don't know.

May Allah protect my fellow brother and sister.

Please take note that even I am struggling to be a better Muslim each day and even you. So why not support one another. Stop the negativity.

Remember, even that small steps matter, so hold the hand and guide them trough the way.

Ok da x marah da. But please please take note.

*ok now you guys are allowed to go and eat candy =)*

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