Monday, April 16, 2012


*you are currently being stalked by me..heh heh heh

It’s been a while huh? Nevermind, for this personal space of mine I can write whenever I want right. Don’t have to write if I don’t want too aite..Haha..My life’s a mess lately..almost reaching towards the end..almost there..but that’s not the judging by the title post, I’m sorry to let you guys know that there is no elements of phsycho thriller in it..Just a few gedik2 experience that I've been stalking a few ppl ;P

For the record..I don’t stalk much..but If I find a subject worth enough to be stalk..then I stalk..hehe..Please note the keyword here is those guys that I stalked please be honored that I find you worthy..You are with a value..some ppl might say that I am easily pleased..but most of em just don’t get me..haha..Each subject that I choose to stalk is usually very definite patterns *shit, I sound like serial killer..hahaha..

Well actually the ppl you stalk are of course are your crushes..I lost count of how many crushes I have (yerp I have a long list of em) and most of em are boys or men..hahaha..stalking someone from similar gender is very unlikely unless if she is truly gorgeous (shallow I know and am not a lesbian ok ;P) and inspiring..

And here I would like to thank Mark Zuckerberg for his brilliant social network invention. Pretty convenient when it comes to stalking your crushes..Unlike in the old day when..Like high school for instant, well, if you are into a guy..of course your interested to know in getting through the wall that they build around wanna know what he’s like, what he likes, what he thinks, does he play ball..does he have a stuff toy..hahaha..You know the usual kind of things that you would want to know..And in order to obtain those kind of info means that you have to pry and being nosy, you get close to his friends to get to know em ended with a tragedy when the boy knows that you have a crush on him..followed by the incident that you blushed every single time you see him and your friends continue to torture you with the matter till the day that you graduated from high school..he’s only a freaking crush ok..haha

And then came friendster, and hell that was a pretty convenient invention only up to the point that they created that one particular apps called “click here to see who view ur profile” so again kantoi bodoh2…I bet back in friendster days, I think all crushes pretty much know that I have a huge crush on them..screw you friendster..*I wonder what ever happened to my friendster acc..hahaha..

Well, now am stalking them on facebook..well even now there are apps that you can actually used to see who sees ur profile..but I think most don’t really care anymore..hehe..

Sometimes you just have to admit, never underestimate the power of having a helps to keep going in life..when you had a messy day..u feel like kicking, screaming and tear all the soft toy on your bed…u logged into facebook and there he appears in your news feed..and that makes you smile and realize is not a bad day feels great when out of nowhere he likes your status and commented on your ‘hey I had a lousy day today’status…your day would brighten up instantly and you would jump and going gugu gaga over that particular comment or likes and brag along the corridor of the hostel telling my hostel mate that he commented or liked ur status..I mean literally..this really happened..might not be that big of a deal..but if he/she is ur crush…admit makes ur day kan kan kan!! Sometimes you just stalk him for the sheer of fun..or just to know whether he had a great day so far or not..Just wanting to know what is he’s enough to keep you going…for now the people that I stalked from a few have been narrowed down to don’t get scared If I stalked honored as you guys are worthy to be stalked..these are brilliant ppl and I wish em all the is fun..but I find you guys inspiring and I look up to you keep up the good work so that I’s continue to stalk you for the next million years..hehehe..I wonder if anyone would find me worthy to be stalked…hehehe..

Till then take care..mmuahhxxx~

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