Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kindness of a stranger

A few days back I read a friend facebook status who just recently came back from Adelaide which sounded like this:

At ur own place, with ur own people, ur hometown and all..and what u miss the most is the kindness of a stranger! Funny that i miss a stranger helping me with doors, trolly, groceries and all! Especially when u are a mom wif babies/toddlers- never had to ask for help, they came to u

 I smiled reading this and have to admit we don’t instill those kinds of culture here in Malaysia. It’s not that I blamed anyone, maybe it’s just that our culture has created us to be cautious of the surrounding that somehow molded us into being skeptic towards the environment we’re in and the people around us as well. But I have to share this unique experience that I have. 

Those were the earlier days that I just arrived in Penang and USM. I was not aware of the USM rules and curfew or whatsoever. Pretty clueless I tell you. There was this one night I took the bus from KL to Penang and I ended up arriving very early  than the designated time, way early I tell ya. Not knowing any friends, I took the taxi ride home. Back then I didn’t know there was another USM gate that opened 24 hours so I made the taxi driver stopped me at the main entrance of USM and the gate was closed. It was Sunday morning if I was not mistaken; I put my bags down and waited in front of the gate. Tried to summon the guards but there was no one to be seen. I grew afraid of coldness and darkness that embraced me. Then I saw a herd of motorists having some sort of a race and I grew even more terrified. But I just waited patiently there waiting for the gate to open.

A few moments as I grew even more terrified, I pray to Allah so that He’ll protect me from any harm. Then I saw an old man cycled towards me. He was riding and old bike. He saw me and asked ‘Anak, anak buat apa tunggu kat sini’. I was beyond relieved when I saw him, his kind face clad in a white baju melayu and kain pelikat ‘Saya baru sampai dari Kuala Lumpur pakcik, saya tak boleh masuk’. Then he said ‘MasyaAllah, patutla pakcik rasa nak keluar awal hari ni, bahaya anak duduk kat sini’..I was quiet. Then he got of his bike and sat next to me ‘Takpe la, pakcik teman anak kat sini, selalu pagar bukak 5.30.Pakcik slalu dtg bukak pintu masjid. Ni baru pukul 4.30’ He told me and smile kindly. I smiled back and told him ‘Nasib baik la pakcik ada.Saya takut’. He then added ‘Lain kali nak, jgn la amik bas malam ye.bahaya dan awak tu perempuan’ and guess what, I followed his advice till today. Never have I took any night buses since then. He waited patiently with me until the gate opened. He helped me carry my bags and I manage to get back safely to my hostel. I thanked him for his company and assistance. To think back of what happened, it was a pretty dangerous situation that I have gotten myself into, but if it weren’t for the kind stranger who waited patiently with me, things would have gotten even worse. I don’t know what would’ve happen to me. I have to thank Allah for hearing my prayers and sending me an angel in a form of an old man. 

You do find comfort and kindness in a stranger and I was really glad that Allah had given me the chance to experience that. Until today I would recognize his face and I do bump into pakcik occasionally, am not sure if he remembers me but I’ll be sure to say Assalamualaikum and smile at him. but I feel a little sad not be able to ask what his name was. May Allah bless your soul for protecting me that night.The kindness of a stranger can be find anywhere. Just look a little harder ok =)


  1. i miss reading your blog!!
    i couldn't agree more, but i think we are moving in the right direction. We are changing, slowly but still are changing for the better (:

  2. Bontemps~
    Oh my God i miss you are ya? I hope you're doing great!!!!ans yes we all are changing for the better to make this world a safer place to live again ;)