Monday, September 24, 2012


The first time I met you, when was it? A year? Or was it two years ago? You weren’t in my favor as something else grabs my attention during that moment. You were proven to be hostile. A man of a few words. Seems like you were only interested and more absorbed in your work. You seem to be living in your own realm. Focused. Before I left I thought I gave you one final glance, how mysterious you were but I just dismissed the whole notion.  I did got the chance to hear your voice. Deep I guess or was I wrong. The memories were vague instead of vivid. Then later the virtual world allows us to become acquaintance. But when I finally got to know your name, I found it intriguing. Till this day I wonder what it means. You offered very little information about yourself. As time goes by, you have proven to have more than what meets the eye. Beauty is only skin deep they say but what’s inside of you makes you stunning. You are beauty on your own. Now how I wish that I can ask you to stay a little longer even as a companion or as a friend. I am glad that somehow we are friends even though at the same time you are a complete alien to me. Sometimes I do imagine or picturing myself how it would be like to really talk to you in person, having to hear your voice. But imaginations remain as imaginations. I’ll stop here before it gets more severe. Since I feel like I am about to explode keeping everything inside I decided to write. And you know what’s the best thing about you, you make me want to write again and I told myself why not make this one about you. That’s a start~

So I have a trilogy to finish. I leave it at that for now. Have a great day everyone. =)

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