Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Little Sofea

*Sofea aka Popea*

The first time I met this little girl, she was just a bucket full of cuteness, full of energy and zeal. And that was also the first time I remembered , I was forced to jump into her small pool that she just received for her birthday presents. I was given the role as a shark and play chase the fish in the pool. Juliet Ooi was there too. Just because Juliet Ooi was a tad too pretty than I was she was spared from being a mean shark *role eyes...hahaha..She also bullied me to chant that spell in the Tangled movie and play color2 with her…haha..Just so you know, this beautiful creature goes by the name of Sofea binti Shahrizar, her beautiful mother Aria is the eldest sister to my roommate which makes her anak menakan my roomie in other words her one and only niece.

But never knew how that little innocent soul can teach you so much. But there was this one incidence I can’t help  feel so touched and affected by her. She was the only child in the family and now her parents are trying hard to get her a lil sister or brother for her. But the sustenance of having another child was not yet to be granted by Allah. So one day my roommie called her eldest sister and heard a loud crying sob in the background. It was our precious Sofea. After my roommie hung up, I can’t help but to get curious about it so I asked..Why was Sofea releasing a heart wrenching sob. So my rommie told me..Sofea was devastated after she got to know that her aunt Yaya (my rummie second eldest sister) got pregnant. Her aunt is a newly wed who were just recently tied the not and blessed with having a child on the way. Alhamdulillah. I was delighted to hear the news cause I know what an angelic soul cik Yaya and her husband uncle Zilal have. But I frowned “Ish, Sofea should be happy as she will be getting a cousin soon”..Then my roommie continue “That’s not the case, you know why she cried hearbrokenly, she said to her ibu, "I pray everyday, day and night to Allah to give Ibu what she wants but why cik yaya was the one got pregnant"”..And that come out from a 5@6 yr old girl. I was taken aback. Subhanallah, looking at hard at how a child pray hard so that her mother would get what she wants. Where else can you find a beautiful intention than in a pure 5@6 yr old child. How I wish I could hug her and tell her had Sofea any idea how Allah loves her for her pureness and her love for her mother. How I want to tell her that Allah wants to teach Sofea the wisdom of being patience and the value of having a sibling when she finally has one (InsyaAllah). On that night itself I pray to Allah swt to give her what she wants. Even until now. InsyaAllah that day will come. How your child have humble this ignorant soul. 

To Akak and Abg Shah, you guys have no idea what a great job that you guys have done in bringing her up. Keep up the good work. She’ll grow into a fine, overbearing and protective daughter and sister. I am glad that I am a part of her life, even if my presence is trivial and as much all of your hearts are set on her, I have set my heart on her as well. My prayers will always be with her =) Ya Allah I thank you for the lovely lesson. Pray for our parents as well as they are out there praying for our well being =)

Thank you Sofea for teaching me so much, and always know that cik ros loves you. xoxoxoxoxox

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Viva Voce~~

*ecstatic yet retarded*

I once experience a near death experience when our baby sitter Yamica McDaniels took my siblings and I out for a swim. I bravely swam to deeper side of the pool which was very foolish of me because I can’t swim. I almost drowned..But Yamica was fast enough to pull me out of the pool and saved me..But yeah I got scolded for my remarkable antiques yet stupid act...But I continue to swim anyway. Didn’t scare me one bit..hahaha..

But I have to tell you, the next near death experience that I went through had to be last Monday 22 October 2012..Nothing had prepare for what was there to come. Tales were told, experiences were shared by friends and experts. But I was not expecting for it to be that tough. Lasted for 3 freaking hours, bombarded with questions on my research, and some questions were simply asked just for the sake of entertainment. But I had to say it was an amazing experience. I made it out from there alive. But due to extreme stress, I got sick the whole day, my body refuses any forms of food or water, liquid or solid. Must be the aftermath, post viva thingy I guess.  I even had to make my rummie stop by the road so I can puke in a huge drain after she picked me up after the whole event..and it became a huge puking marathon that day…hahaha..She was worried as hell, but I was dead beat that day =(

I regain my wits and spirit the day after. Paling x boleh blah, malam tu ade fire drill. Memang Happening laaaaa!!Hey I passed but major corrections, just because that one tiny part that I made a mistakes at, it kinda effect bits and pieces of the subsequent parts of the other research. Lots to be done. I just collected the report and now I have to go through it and do all the corrections that are required to do.. And then Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I’ll be getting my masters degree =) after 3 freaking years people..Life’s tough eay..but this is the path that I chose..To be an educator..PhD plak people!!!!adoiiiii…agak2 pengsan time viva kene bagi CPR time PhD nnti..hehehe..Alhamdulillah..planning to give myself a break this week and will be starting to isolate myself from the world next week..hehe

It’s true what they say “Everything seems impossible until it is done”

To those who were there for me through for the past 3 years, you guys are the awesomest bunch that anyone could have ever asked for. Much love, and panda hug..hehe..I couldn’t have done it without you guys..I had fun!!!!

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and yerp lets get the PhD applications rolling!! =)

Selamat Hari Raya Haji Everyone!!!