Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The post that I was short-listed as one of the 2011 Cleo Top Blogger Competition =)

Paycheck Frenzy~

Would you rather be doing what you enjoy for less pay or something you don't really like but pays very well?

Overrated, I know..hahaha..

But here's something I like to share...

Engaged in a conversation with a medical doctor a few days back and he came up with this quote after I laughingly asked whether or not he'll be stuck at the Psychiatric Department for life..and he said..

"Babe, nothing in this life is permanent".. 

Aaaaand I would continue to relate with the above matter by saying 

'So does your paycheck people!!'..

The number printed on the paycheck will never remain as it is for the next year to come so why bother about money.

As the human system feed on good and healthy food to fuel our system and to have a long prosperous life, well same goes to our souls, it needs love and happiness in order to fuel the passion that we have for life..So why torture yourself..

I am here to proudly announce that currently that I am happy with my life because, I am in love with my life because I am doing what I love and I've got a great paycheck as well..

My beloved ma once said,

'You control the money not the money controls you'

But to get where I am today ain't an easy thing to do, some sacrifices has to me made.I had a huge fight with my ma and had to let go someone who I was so in love with (well that would be another story)

When I was young, primary school to be exact, remember that brown card that needed filled in, remember that the part where it stated Cita-cita (Ambition)..You have to filled it with the top three of your dream ambition..I wrote Doctor, Lecturer and Stewardess (yes ladies please roll your eyes).

But I am a chatterbox and communicate well with people..Remember back In States My English teacher Ms. Troya once scolded me "Ms. Othman, I regret teaching English because once you start talking you can't stop"

My ma has always wanted her children to have a stable job, to be more specific she preferred her children to inherit my dad's comfortable well paid job in the government.

But my brother was the one who broke the rule after he announced that he wanted to be a medical doctor.Well he surprised the whole family because he didn't seem like the job would suit him because forever knowing my brother, he's the joker of the family but he was firm when he told the whole family.

Later I asked him, 

"Doctor huh? Does this has anything to do the paycheck"

'"Hell no, it's because I really wanted to help people and it's fun"

I know right fun?pfft..but he managed to prove us wrong, don't believe me, wait till you see his facebook pic..hehe~

So the continuation of  dad's legacy was then pass down to me..which I obviously rebelled against by leaving home and accepted small pay lecturing job in a private college in Pahang, resulting to a month of silent war and poor dad have to be the middle man before me and ma decided to pull out the white flag.

Just in case you guys are wondering, I taught my student Biology (A-LEVEL).

I taught them for almost a year and I had to leave them to accept a scholarship offer from a well know University and the Ministryof higher education who'll fund my Master and PhD studies and in return I will become a lecturer at the University itself. How can I resist that.

But the beauty about this whole lecturing thingy is when in the end you received thank you note from you student and saying that they got A for the paper that I taught.

Last I heard, all my former A- level got accepted in many of the world renowned University all across Europe.

Climbing a mountain was never easy, so don't whine when we decide to go climb and find the journey to be difficult. We should have known the consequence from the very beginning, don't you think? :) -Diana Rikasari

Diana rikasari is one of  my favourite Indonesian Fashion Blogger which I had surprisingly discovered, had given up her well paid job to start her own shoe line and fashion brand as well and seem that the sacrifices and hard work seems to be paying off.Inspiring.

So for those who kept posting facebook status like 'My work sucks' 'TGIF' 'Oh man, Monday already??dammit'

Stop torturing yourself and go knock yourself out!!~

Here's a thought, God had created Heaven and hell, and why would you normal human being wanted to create another hell for yourself..Tell you it ain't healthy..sooooo...

Everybody is Alice, go Enjoy exploring yourself and the wonderland!!~

p/s: I aspire to be a writer and hoping that by starting this it'll lead to something more promising and fun.

*let's go grab some candy and snicker shall we*

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