Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pounding heart~

*and if you can't imagine kissing him, then he's not The One either (call me corny  but it's true) ;p*

Hey there..This post is gonna be another random rambling again..But I guess this post is written down because it matters to my heart. A few days ago I called my ma and told her am headed up to Penang to settle everything once and for all. I humbly asked her to pray for me and I humbly pray to Allah to ease this path of mine (Rabbi yassir wala tu assir…. =)). I even had to tell her that my whole plan to further study had to be postponed for a few months due to some unavoidable matters. Being a worried mom she started nagging. She said “ Postpone lagi ke” I answered sadly “ a ah, I can’t do anything about it, sorry to let you down” She went on “ Mama and papa da tua, lg lambat pergi, lagi lambat balik..lagi..……Susah-susah kawin dulu la sebelum pergi” I answered with a laughed and further answered “ Takde orang nak kt adik..susah-susah mama cari la untuk adik”..Then she went on “Hish, tak nak mama, cari sendiri..Habis tu si polan tu aritu…” I laughed again “Ntah, tak timbul rasa suka pun, besides, He’s after my friend now, he doesn’t even like me to begin with”..Then I excused myself because it was Maghrib and need to get ready for prayer..I told my ma, I love her and told her to kem salam kt semua and never to worry.

That was only an introduction, but I am here to share my view. My ma, my sis, friends and everyone keep asking how do you know that when you are into someone. I smiled and recall a scene from a Korean drama “Answer me 1997” When Shi Won rejected the guy that she was recently going out with because he simply doesn't make her heart pound. I keep having people offering me to meet me up with someone, to get me hooked up with someone..But it’s not as simple as that..I am a slow mo at heart, I'll take my time to fall in love with someone. Even with my ex, it took me 4 years to fall in love with him (3 years of friendship and 1 year of uncertainty and contemplating). Well I do have someone who makes my heart pound hard even from the sight of his name. Even that took me a year to unravel the mystery and he is still a mystery to me till today..hehe..Even if the feeling is not mutual, I’m pretty happy at how things are right now. If Allah permits it, who know s right..No matter how ridiculous this might sound, but I have to tell you girls, if the guys doesn't make your heart pound like you’re about to die, then he’s not the one..If you can’t imagine living with him, being in his arms, then he is not the one..So take your time..You are never desperate and never settle for anything less. Like I always say to myself, even if the journey of falling in love or finding true love takes forever, so be it, challenge yourself..In addition to all the above, before falling in love with someone, fall in love with Allah swt and His Messenger pbuh and yourself first..InsyaAllah you’ll be granted with the best that life has to offer~