Friday, April 26, 2013

What took you so long? (-__-")

*I came to congratulate the girls and collected my scroll..teheee..di marahi teruk sbb x attend convo..(-__-")*

What took you so long? was the most frequented question asked when I was doing my Masters. To answer that one particular question, I will be needing tons of sheets of papers to explain but let's just choose to be grateful and thankful that I finally graduated. When collected my scroll I was on the brink of tears, 3 years of hardship and hard work fighting the battle alone finally pays off and materialized in a form of a scroll and an academic transcript. Never have I learned on how to be more independent during those years of my life. When I wrote "You know you're a fighter when everyone else decided to quit and run away, but you decided to stay and finish what you started", those were truly meant specifically for me and for those who fought the same battle as I did.

Doing master degree requires extreme commitment and focus as well as mental strength. One of the reason I ventured into doing research was because back then my big boss was not a big fan of mixed mode course and I went along because I am not a big fan of going through studying and sitting for exams. Besides, my big boss reassured me, the experience that I will gain will help big time when I'm about to pursue my study. Boy ain't he a vissionary and he was damn right. Apart from that, I went through some personal battle with a lot a people to made it through this far. I also learned on how to divide my attention equally between my SV and Co-SV which I failed to do at the beginning of the second term. But we sort out the misunderstanding professionally (well not really professionally when I cried in front of her). So, actually the crying didn't stop there. For your information, doing master by research is a lonely journey..In the  lab of course, you had to fight the battle with style without having to cross someone else's path. You have to be extremely diplomatic and at times, you just have to really fight for your rightful place in the lab. I've seen people come and go, I seen some chose to leave because they had had it and think that the journey took too long and don't see the lights at the end of the tunnel. But I also seen those who stayed with me, who fought the battles till the very end and suceed. Just like me. Giving up was not an option as we have come this far and close to end what we had ,well, foolishly started (hahahaha). 

But I have to say Alhamdulillah, that I was granted a group of strong support system who told me that I could do it. I would call mama and cried and ask her " am i not good enough"..Papa who would always call from his office asking " are you ok?"..My sis who is my mentor as well " this girl is one hard core researcher, a chemist by the way" other siblings..And my friends, from different fields but fought the same battle as I did and many had was a nightmarish experience but something I don't mind going through again. I am tough as steel now, being a steel is a good thing as you can be bend but never broken. As rusty I am right now to start off the new journey, I am ready..bring it on..!! 

we all have our personal battles in life..Fight in style..just keep on fighting..and you eventually will get to place that you intended to go to..even if it takes years.. then so be it, because when it ends, you have on hell of a tale and experience to share..and proud that you didn't give up!!~

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