Monday, May 31, 2010

Save Whatever is left~

Am not much of a news follower...but I have so many friends who is very kind on updating on all the important things that I should know (also what a Muslim should know)..

So many things happen..All the cruelty towards Muslim...Draw Muhammad day has ignite the fury and angst in me..and now this..Its non military ship (carry aids) for God sake...Don't they have family at home, a mother, a father, a wife, a daughter or a son....what do they feel if the role is recipocrated....

In my Daily prayers (doa), I would express my gratitude for the live HE has given me, the knowledge, safety for my parents, siblings, my family, for those who have given all the knowledge in life and would pray for the safety of all my brother and sisters through out the world...

And now I am beginning to Question whether prayers are enough for the safety and protection for my fellow brother and sisters in Palestine...(I know they say that doa is the ultimate weapon for all Muslims..I don't doubt that)..But I wish I could do more...I hate the feeling of being helpless and not bale to do anything...I'll try my best..Looking for all means to help all I can..And I wish someone can help through out the way......What do you prayers goes to those on board Mavi Marmara...~

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memories yg sangat2 random~

Freddy Krueger once said: It's ur memories that fuels my strength to exist (lebih kurang la...wlaupun cerita horror..hehe)..

But these memories do keep me alive...fuels me and my sole reason that I would want to continue living for many years to come..(InsyaAllah)....still ade memories ygx ckup..hehe..enjoy~

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things yg wat kaum lelaki pun leh PMS~

a facebook status of a friend a few hours ago :

'was on a beautiful boat this morning... what a way to start the morning! Sun shining and clear turquoise sea..' From Looe, United Kingdom...

then a few minutes ago...she buzzed me at YM...

Friend: I had a great morning and a great day..and got back reading the news..moody~

Me: whats wrong?...I like ur status this morn...

Friend: here's the link...btw..ko ndak baca news apa (reminded that she is a sabahn)...fb punya la aktif...

Me: ok..aku mkn dalam bah...hehehe...

and i got all the picture above...

Even men will get temperament of a PMS women looking at this pictures...

I know I did...

Those are all the picture taken from an oil spillage tragedy from different locations of the earth and the most recent was in the Gulf of Mexico...15 th May...Massive spillage...

History is repeating itself over and over again...SCARY...dun blame mother nature if she is a bit cranky...or more accurate f**ked up..huhu...

Exxon Valdez...they learned nothing from you...congratulations for creating the chain reaction..even ur messed are not truly cleared up till today...things were bad enough when it started and the spill never ends...

Mother sorry that this happens to you...

Forgive us...iskkk~

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Surat for Myself~

I go through my slides..

I went through a nervous break down stage..

I went through terror..

I told myself, it'a all can do this...

I plan to celebrate when all of this is over...

Then I received a phone call...

'Salam, Fairuz ker...presentation cancel ek..tunda 18 Jun yer!' gonna be one lonnng monthhhhhh!!!!~

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Geram & Senang~

A lil Trivia:

The Thomas Cup competition was the idea of Sir George Alan Thomas a highly successful English badminton player of the early 1900's, who was inspired by tennis's Davis Cup, and football's (soccer's) World Cup first held in 1930. His idea was well received at the general meeting of the International Badminton Federation (now Badminton World Federation) in 1939. The championships have been conducted every two years since the 1982 tournament, amended from being conducted every three years since the first tournament held in 1948-1949.

2010 Thomas Cup and Uber Cup (Personal Experiece la)..

1) x tgk sgt sbb kinda bz..lab punya pasal...

2) totaly missed uber..

3) Stress sbb dpt tau Korea menang from a friend (rase nk tarik rambut and say "how did i miss that?")

4) Credits to Korea for finally breaking the China domination of the game (baru kau tau China, pndg rendah kt org sgt..go go Korea)..weyh, sape2 ade playback for the finals Uber cup? tolong la...aku nk tgk..isk~

5) I followed the semis for Thomas..Malaysia, korg mmg x bleh blah...but then again my fault for believing in to much..still love u guys anyway:
  • Chong wei - Mirul kate u outclassed urself by playing like a real 'DATUK' - But i think, die stress
  • Lin Dan - linda panggil ko lipas .... x perlu la moon walking half naked in front of the crowd, we get it ok..u're the best
  • Koo Kean Keat and Tan Boon Heong- I was expecting more from u fellas..u guys soo workup at the 1st set..adrenaline soar high, 2nd set, adrenaline i flush down the drain
  • Chong Han - in love
Followed the finals too:
  • Taufik Hidayat - x sempat tgk ko men mane2 game
  • Kido and Setiawan- Great Game man
  • Santoso- looking forward for more of u and yes am in love w u
  • Feng and partner- U guys are great too
  • Chen Jin - ko hebat but ur face cm tue la dik...akak pun nmpk lg mude tau

6) Finals, well what can i say..Great game...(Indon mmg kasi panas bontot penonton la, and not to mention the China palyers & coaches benches)

7) Simon Santoso...gotta hand it to u in love with u so in love~

8) Congratulations China!

10) Conclusion made, it's the year of the underdog and the unsung heroes...(i have my own definiton for heroes)

p/s: i grew up with badminton and find that am missing the old format, but the new format makes it easy for the commoner to understand, even for my two lovely ladies yg teman i tgk sampai tersengguk-sengguk...thank u guys!!~(^_^)

Friday, May 14, 2010

X-Files yg berape nak X~

*ini Juliet, not the Romeo's Juliet, just simply Juliet*

One fine morning,

Like every other morning, i wake up with a huge beary yawn expecting that today is going to be pretty bored like any other day i've been through..

I keep saying to myself..Please please make this day a little extraordinary that any other day...

So i hit the shower, and i bump into Juliet...

ahah? i see frowns on that pretty lil forehead..

*could this be the day..the day yg idup ku x kn bored*

then she realized that i was there, she grabbed me and said,

'kak fairuz, i pelik la, a few days back, when i rendam baju i, pg esok i cek, air mesti xder, tggl baju i jer'

and i ask her 'da bnyk kali ker, pelik' i am the one frowning..

the nex t day it happen again..Juliet da risau...

*tym ni la background lagu X file dimainkn*

'ade org dengki kt u ke Juliet'...

*masuk da bab tuduh menuduh n cari saspek and lagu x file maseh lg berkumandng*

so da beberapa ari Juliet hasn't wash her clothes so the issues of air hilang dari baldi was put to rest for a lil while...

pastu satu hari Juliet nk mop bilik, she realize something...huhuh...

then she came running to me...'kak fairuz, i know already where the water went...'

the most anticipated moment...'sape yg buat?' i asked her..

*soalan x leh blah kn..mane la tau jmper saspek kn...hohohoh*


'baldi i bocor'..


and that is when i realize, hidup ku ini akan sentiasa normal...hahaha..

*thanks juju for the inspiration*

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Price tag~

How to end a great day disastrously and with utmost embarassment...

Follow the simple steps below..

1. Accompany ur friend to a mall or a near by mart

2. Take any price tag from any purchasing item, and goof around with it with ur friends.. (letak price tag tu kt tudung die ker, kt baju die ke...)

3. Make sure put the price tag are placed where it is visible to public

4. Pegi mkn cendol

5. Find another price tag

6. Put it on ur cheek to show ur friend how cool u can be by putting it there

7. Accidentally forgotten that tag on the cheek

8. A guy looked at with narrowed eyes

9. Perasan that he's looking at u, u looked back at him with the face 'ko pehal tengok2 aku?'

10. Naik kete, baru sedar price tag kt pipi x cabut lg

11. The guy that u accidentally accuse of checking u out, park kete sebelah kete kitorg

12. They left the parking lot dgn gelak cam haram

and that is my 12 steps on how to end ur day disastrously...isk~

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Rest is History~

* last year's winner..' berbulukah aku?'

Now, am lepaking with Naddy in my room...

The ambiance is pretty cool, cloudy and cozy..

Then naddy spoke to me...

'Tu dia, org yg menang Cleo elegible bachelor, penuh bulu kt tgn die kottttt!!!' (dlm loghat kedah ok ppl...)

Pastu aku pun tambah..

"asal hensem jer berbulu"

Naddy pun sambung "The Rest is History"....

Amacam,Anda rase anda hensem, type On BULU ke 344**

aku gelak tanpa henti.....tgk jam kul 11.44...dan tetiba sedar aku x mandi lg...hohohohoh~

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not Actually a comeback~

it's been a while ek people...

i know it has been..

i thought of stopping..

but a girl told me not to..

she told me that i am like a can full of ideas..

relating me to a can actually makes me feel like a sardine or maybe a cocktail of fruits..hehehe

well..i am coming back..

but for now..i think this is adequate...

life is not always easy right..but just sit relax and enjoy the ride...

I am me once more people...stick around ok~