Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Birthday note to oneself~

*I waannnnnttttttt thisss cake!!!!!!!! golek2 atas lantai merengek sampai dapat!!!*

Bismilahirrahmanirrahim, they say begin your day with basmalah and insyaAllah you’ll be blessed by the Almighty.  Subahanallah, as You are the only one Who are worthy to be praised, Alhamdulillah, for all the things in life that You had blessed upon me and Allahuakbar, for the strength that you have given through out 28 years of my life. Sometimes we tend to forget how be thankful. Yesterday, before I went to bed reminiscing my big day, I remember the text my ma sent me, when a mother acknowledged the fact that I am a good daughter and a good servant to Allah swt, I feel relieved knowing even the whole world are against me, I am on the right track. And knowing that you're on the right track when you know you have been blessed with amazing friends as well. I want to thank mama for always taking me to majlis ilmu, papa who always called and making me laughed with all his lame jokes, my siblings who I shared happiness and hardship with. And finally my friends.I thank all you for always reminding me not be lazy, work hard and never give up hope.And being someone, who always reminds me if my tudung is not long enough or my baju is not loose enough. Nagged if I perform solah lambat. Which surah I should read today, don't forget to perfom solah dhuha, share the beneficial doa's for the sake of our success together (dunia and akhirah inysaAllah). I wouldn't ask for any other friends than you guys. Irreplaceable. Thank you all~   
Just a note to myself on my birthday and a token of my gratitude: 

  •  Even I am yet to be happily married doesn’t make me any less happier 
  •  Earning less than any other colleagues of mine doesn’t make me any poorer or sourer
  •  So far, I went this far to study and I am glad, Subhanallah, that there’s  not even a small seed of arrogance was planted in this weak heart of mine
  •  I have achieve nothing grand and yet I never feel like an underachiever
  •  I am glad I am who I am I don’t really care what others think of me
  •  I am glad that I am not born skinny
  • I am glad that I was once fat 
  •   I am glad that I was once loved
  •   I am glad that I was once hurt
  •  I am glad that I am a simpleton
  •  I am glad that I am the second child out of six and still called adik
  •  I am thankful to have my parents
  •  I am thankful to have amazing siblings
  •  I am glad that I have kind hearted friends
  •  I am glad I have a cool and humble crush. You're unlike any other guys I met. You're amazing. You posses the quality that far exceeds any male population I know but there you are remaining low profile and humble. Humble is a pretty rare trait ya know. Any girl who gets you is very lucky indeed (walaupun saya akan ada sedikit jeles). I hope you'll get someone amazing as you deserve only the best.
  •  I am glad for all the tears that I shed
  • I am glad for all the mistakes and lessons that I learned
  • I am glad I am wacky and bless with loyar buruk attitude
  • I am satisfied so far I am glad that I don’t treat life like it’s a competition 
  •  I am glad that I don’t mind growing old
  • I am glad that I am not resistant to change
And the list goes on…This year present have to wait but do pray for me =)